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House rent

Rest in our country house differs from rest in a hotel or from rest at the base. It has many advantages.
Resting or holding an event in the house has a number of advantages and more opportunities, you live in your own rhythm, you can organize activities as you wish, while the budget will be much lower.

Great opportunity for a family vacation

school holidays at hygge home

The action of a high pace of life, heavy workloads, the negative impact must be reduced, a great opportunity to restore strength to the child is a school vacation.
And with us, a child can not only regain strength, but also learn new things, for example, horseback riding, or snowboarding or skiing.
Rest from the noise of the city, fresh mountain air, communication with nature will be useful for every child and family members.

Spring holidays

Spring is generous on holidays in March and May, after winter, cold days, we all strive for the sun, spend time in the fresh air starting from the first warm days. Rest in the mountains, walks, picnics with barbecue are always very popular among family members. At Hygge Home, holidays and spring breaks will be unforgettable.

Summer holidays

Holidays in the mountains in summer are always useful for everyone. Fresh air, comfortable temperature no higher than +30, communication with nature, hiking, fishing, will allow you to spend the summer interestingly and profitably.

Autumn holidays

Autumn holidays can be spent interestingly and with benefit for children and parents. Relax, recover, gain strength, to study in the next quarter. Autumn in the mountains is a great time for relaxing, walking.

New year holidays

Winter holidays are a great time to relax in the mountains at Hygge Home, after the New Year's fuss and New Year's Eve, you and your children will have a great opportunity to relax and write an interesting essay for children.


In March there will be a great opportunity to relax. We suggest you not to miss it and spend the holiday weekend with us.  If you didn’t have time for the new year in December, there is an opportunity to be in time in March.

Recent projects

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We invite you to relax on the May holidays in our house!


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